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A Tremendous Opportunity

The Academy of Fine Arts offers the greatest opportunity Lynchburg has ever seen to develop a first-rate cultural arts complex. Together with its two ancillary buildings, the Academy offers a broad range of educational, social, business and entertainment opportunities to area citizens. Most importantly, when complete, the complex promises to be a magnificent anchor for a newly revitalized historic downtown, and a catalyst for continuing economic prosperity for Central Virginia.

A century after the Academy of Music Theatre first opened its doors in 1905, it will, at last, be resurrected. Described as “the prettiest opera house in the State,” this architectural masterpiece has endured numerous highs and lows in its 105-year history. Unfortunately, the facility suffered a major setback with the devastating fire of 1911. Eventually, live performances dwindled and were replaced with movies. Followed by decades of neglect, the Academy closed its doors in 1958. The Theatre, saved from demolition by its placement on both state and national registers of historic landmarks, is now poised to perform again the role it once played so well as the oldest operating theatre in Virginia and the visually and acoustically most splendid theatre in our Commonwealth, and the crown jewel of our city.

The Challenge

Residents have long awaited the realization of this dream. The Board of Trustees realizes that raising the required funding for completion is unprecedented in the history of Central Virginia. It has adopted a plan designed not only to ensure successful completion, but operational sustainability. The commitment of our leadership is unwavering. Our inspiration is that few cities have the chance to build an arts complex around an historic gem, a building that is such an integral part of our history and our future.

Support Us

Support from a diverse array of sources is vital to the success of the completion of a center for the arts. Past contributors had the vision to lay the foundation in the creation of a cultural arts complex in Central Virginia. Please join this group in their support of this project! The future of the arts for generations to follow depends on support from all central Virginians.

How can you help?

Donations are needed for both operating and construction. Donations to the Annual Fund are made on a year to year basis to cover day to day operations. Our fiscal year begins October 1 of each year and ends the following September 30.

How can you give?

Donations of cash, pledges, and stock are traditional ways to contribute. Bequests and Charitable Trusts leave a lasting legacy to ensure the future of the arts for generations. View Gift Ideas here and consult your financial advisor to determine which type of charitable trust works for you.

Why give?

The obvious answer is to support the arts. The AFA offers productions and workshops for youth. Teens experience contemporary music and dance from local and regional performers. College students and adults enjoy a wide range of comedy, contemporary, pop, traditional and world music. Broadway musicals, comedy, jazz, pop, dance, opera, chamber, symphony, country, gospel can be expected on any given weekend.

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