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Founder of The Byrds
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee
Roger McGuinn

The Academy is truly honored to present a man whose influence on the history of rock and roll cannot possibly be exaggerated. A guitarist whose sound and solos are entirely unique and instantly recognizable, across continents, to generations of fans and musicians alike... and a storyteller beyond compare.

Friday, November 15, 2013
8:00 PM
Tickets: $34
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"Seeing the avuncular, easygoing figure telling stories and playing some tunes, it was all too easy to forget for a moment how Roger McGuinn, as the leader of the Byrds, did far more than most to change the musical language of rock... The electric, magical communal experience shared in the room, as McGuinn played both non-negotiable classics and deep-catalogue delights, was precisely the proof of how enduring and meaningful his work has been...The ringing opening chords of Turn! Turn! Turn! still make the hair on the back of your neck stand on end. The stately psychedelia of 5D (Fifth Dimension) has lost none of its beauty. And even with its acoustic flamenco makeover, Eight Miles High remains a gripping musical journey...To flip through those back pages with him was a rare privilege."
- Montreal Gazette

"His legend and sound are embedded in the American music scene; indeed, his songs are as Americana as they come. His influence spans generations and his songs as alive and fresh as they were when we first heard them on the radio through our stereo speakers. His footprints are huge and have been followed and copied for the past 50 years. What he has given back to his fans in joy, tradition and appreciation goes well beyond an instrument. The love of what he does flows through him, out his fingertips and into the hearts and minds of his listeners in ways that won’t soon be forgotten."
- Lakeland Times (WI)

"As much as Elvis Presley and Bob Dylan, Roger McGuinn forever changed the shape of rock ‘n’ roll in its formative years... The Byrds’ sound provided an indispensable template for every rock band that followed, one marked by infectious melodies, impeccable harmonies, and hooks reaching out of every song—even the experimental ones... McGuinn was the center of this sound. Not only was he the one constant in the Byrd’s ever-evolving lineup, but it was the jingle-jangle of his twelve-string Rickenbacker that became synonymous with Americana. The legacy of his guitar sound is undeniable... the scope of his influence is overwhelming."

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