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Summer Theatre 2015 - Register early as space is limited!


Missoula Children's Theatre

Ages: entering 1st grade to 18

June 8 - 12, 10 am - 2:30 pm

Shows: June 13 - 10:30 am & 1:30 pm

Registration Fee: $125


Camp is Full.
The Missoula Children’s Theatre presents Cinderella, an original adaptation of the classic fairy tale. A pumpkin coach, Prince Charming, a glass slipper and a dream come true are woven together by the magic of a Fairy Godmother in this enchanting musical. When Cinderella’s stepsisters try to keep Cinderella from attending the ball, the Fairy Godmother enlists the help of the Mice and the Pumpkins and is able to transform Cinderella just in time for the big event. Also featured in the production are Cleo the Cat, Fido the Dog, the Lords and Ladies, the Town Criers, the King and the Beggars. Experience the unique twist the Missoula Children’s Theatre puts on this classic story.

Missoula Children's Theatre is a week-long musical theatre camp that begins with an open group audition and culminates in two public performances. Fifty to sixty students grades 1-12 are cast and well rehearsed throughout the mornings, learning lines, songs and choreography to perform as an ensemble in producing a full-length musical. All of the shows are original adaptations of children's stories and fairytales - a twist on the classic stories that we all know and love! When they aren't rehearsing, students are able to participate in various classes at the Academy including: art, pottery, music and dance!


Encore Youth Theatre

Ages: 12-18

June 15 - July 10 (skip July 3), 10 am - 4:30pm

Shows: July 10-11, 7:00pm & July 12, 3:00pm

Auditions: Sunday, May 31 from 2-6pm

Registration Fee: $425


Camp is Full.
When the S.S. American heads out to sea, etiquette and convention get tossed out the portholes as two unlikely pairs set off on the course to true love... proving that sometimes destiny needs a little help from a crew of singing sailors, an exotic disguise and some good old-fashioned blackmail. Peppering this timeless classic are some of musical theatre's most memorable standards, including "I Get A Kick Out Of You," "You're the Top," and of course, "Anything Goes." Camp allots 20 girls, 20 boys.

Encore features a four week comprehensive program for ages 12-18, designed to help youth learn the art and craft of theatre in a challenging and collaborative atmosphere. Students will have the opportunity to participate in core classes such as improv, dance, music, and showcase preparation. An excellent staff teaches theatre-related classes in the morning and directs rehearsals in the afternoon. At the end of 4 weeks, students present performances of the popular family musical.



Academy Children's Theatre

Ages: 8-12

August 3-14, 9:30 am - 12:30 pm

Auditions: Sat., Aug 1, 9:30 am-12:00 pm

Shows: August 15 - 10:30 am & 1:30 pm

Registration Fee: $225


Camp is Full.
It's Princess Aurora's sixteenth birthday, and three fairies - Flora, Fauna and Merryweather - must use their magic to save her from the spell of evil sorceress Maleficent! This classic fairy tale comes to life in Disney's Sleeping Beauty KIDS, which features many roles for a large chorus, from King Stefan and Queen Stefanie's loyal subjects to Maleficent's slimy goons, as well as other fairies and animals. Songs from the beloved film, including "Once Upon a Dream," accompany fun new songs like "Maleficent!" and "A Little Magic Now" to bring a fresh telling of the story to a new generation of kids and families.

Academy Children's Theatre is a two-week long children's theatre camp that begins with an open group audition and culminates in two public performances. Students ages 8-12 are cast in a popular family musical that you will love! Get ready for two weeks of work and so much fun!



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