‘Out of the Fire’ offers a rare, absorbing look into the little-known world of wood-firing potters. Watch Kevin Crowe and his crew of apprentices on a four-day, high-temperature kiln firing, in which nearly 2000 handcrafted pots are at stake. Along with portraying the camaraderie, techniques and inherent drama of the firing, the film explores the drive to create, the importance of community and the roles of risk-taking and authenticity in creating the best possible work – and living the most fulfilling life.
Crowe recently served as juror for the Academy’s “Battle of the Bowls” gallery exhibit.
Presented by the Academy’s Pottery Studio and Galleries. Sponsored in part by Greater Lynchburg Community Trust.

Saturday, October 18, 5:00pm
Open to the public
The Ann White Academy Gallery
600 Main Street, Historic Downtown Lynchburg